Peace token aims to make a peaceful and better future!

This is a world that desire for peace, a world without bloodshed and crying, and desire a world of happiness and peace! The world we desire should be a world where any skin color, any nationality, respects each other.

A total of 750 trillion peace tokens issued are to make this world no longer have war and suffering, and for the future peace of all mankind. In the short period of one week since the Peace token was issued the Binance chain addresses of peaceful people from all over the world, totaling 10,000, and there are a steady stream of peaceful people, who provide us with Binance chain addresses, every day to receive peace token.

Just yesterday, Peace was also listed on the exchange as scheduled and opened circulation trading. In just 5 minutes, Peacetoken has pumped by 1,000%. Now Peacetoken is still rising frantically.

The core idea of Peace is to fight for the peace and happiness of people all over the world. Here, Peace calls on our peace-loving compatriots all over the world. Let us unite to support peace and support peace tokens! For our better future!


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