New Real Estate RWA Alliance Established, ISE(EIndustrial Ecology) Ventures into a New Journey

Real Estate RWA organization ISE, UK crowdfunding leader Felix, and prominent player in real estate fund management EminentGlobe Capital have jointly announced the formation of an alliance aimed at setting the benchmark in the tokenization of real estate in the UK and across Europe. Currently, the real estate sector is facing numerous challenges, but one trend that is gradually gaining market attention is the tokenization of real estate assets, particularly Real World Assets (RWA). Despite potential instability in the real estate market, tokenized real estate assets are increasingly attracting investors. These digital assets, based on blockchain technology, offer high liquidity and a low entry threshold, starting at just tens of euros, thereby expanding investment opportunities for individuals.

Currently, the valuation of real estate RWAs has reached $300 billion, and is projected to exceed $1.3 trillion by 2025, with potential growth to nearly $4 trillion by 2029. This presents significant development potential for the UK and the entire European market. To achieve this spectacular growth, four key elements need to be considered: regulatory standards, advanced technology, real estate experience, and strong community support.

Three Industry Giants Collaborate to Shape a New Market Landscape

Drawing on their unique experiences and leadership positions in their respective fields, ISE, Felix, and EminentGlobe Capital have chosen to collaborate to create a powerful alliance with the grand goal of reaching the pinnacle of the European real estate tokenization industry.

In this collaborative model, ISE, as the pioneer and global leader in real estate RWAs, will leverage its vast community of 65,000 members spanning 154 countries and the customization capabilities of its RealCredit product to provide the alliance with its wealth of expertise, professional skills, technological innovation, and international influence. Furthermore, ISE is actively collaborating with regulatory authorities to participate in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) pilot projects aimed at promoting its revolutionary technology in the European market.

Felix, as the leader in UK crowdfunding, will share its expertise in project selection and regulatory compliance. With its unique identities as an Investment Service Provider (ISP) and a Property Crowdfunding Service Provider (PSC), Felix also plans to participate in DLT pilot projects to explore possibilities in secondary markets, blockchain, and tokenization of physical assets.

As for EminentGlobe Capital, the company manages nearly €1 billion in real estate assets and 16 funds. It will inject its widely recognized and field-tested expertise in real estate investment into the alliance, along with deep insights into various submarkets.

ISE co-founder Musa Tariq stated, “After over a year of deep research and exploration, I am honored to announce this milestone progress in the European real estate tokenization field, aimed at providing investors with the most advanced and secure solutions. Bringing together three industry giants, each excelling in their respective domains, this alliance successfully combines all core elements, including real estate, regulation, technology, and innovation, to drive tokenization forward. This collaboration further strengthens ISE’s global strategic vision, aiming to enable investors to easily purchase properties like parts of lofts in Birmingham, partial vacation residences in Manchester, and upcoming properties in Hampstead, all from their smartphones.”

Frederic Court, CEO of Felix, expressed, “I am deeply honored to join forces with ISE and EminentGlobe Capital, both leaders in their respective fields. Combining our traditional expertise with decentralized financial technology, we are prepared to stand at the forefront of the third revolution in digital investments. This collaboration also underscores Felix’s commitment to becoming Europe’s first regulated financing and investment platform.”

Stanislas Bernard, Founder of EminentGlobe Capital, further emphasized, “We firmly believe that the future of asset management will inevitably merge with asset tokenization, as tokenization offers new possibilities for segmentation, liquidity, and decentralization, particularly beneficial for illiquid assets like real estate. This is why we are extremely excited to collaborate with top players in this field.”


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