L2FINANCE Layer2 The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit ended successfully

On May 15th, the “Layer2-The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit” hosted by L2FINANCE ended successfully in Thailand. This event invites developers and investors from many countries and regions to participate in an in-depth discussion on Layer2 trends, Arbitrum attributes, infrastructure, basic applications, L1/L2 ecology, games and social networking, as well as cutting-edge exploration, for all Web3 consensus Bring a top audio-visual feast.


Based on the latest trends of Web3, this summit will discuss in-depth the innovation opportunities of new Web3 trends, the future of L2FINANCE ecological development and the frontier topics of Web3 track such as public chain, DAO, AIGC, DID, NFT ecology, Gamefi and Metaverse, and explore the changing situation of Web3 era The following development path, and build an international, high-end, professional platform for people in the industry to learn, communicate and socialize.

The successful conclusion of the Web3 Summit in Thailand is another step taken by the L2FINANCE team in promoting Layer 2, the financial derivatives market on the chain, and global brand influence. Next, the L2FINANCE team will have a series of new actions in terms of ecological layout and business expansion. These include opening a multi-chain ecological layout, increasing channels to allow more non-ARB chain players to participate in L2FINANCE’s LAYER2 chain financial experience, and developing a Layer2-based lending agreement, based on the advantages of Layer2 and providing derivatives markets through the lending agreement. More flexible mobility. In addition, the L2FINANCE team plans to hold summits or roadshows around the world this year, aiming to promote the development of the industry, popularize the technology of the Layer2 chain, and allow more users around the world to experience the advantages of the Layer2 chain and the derivatives market.

The following is the content of the main agenda of this summit:

At the beginning of the conference, L2FINANCE CMO Benjamin Davis gave an opening speech for the grand opening of the summit. He said that the rise of the Web3 digital economy is opening up a new future for mankind, and L2FINANCE, as the leader of the Web3 era, is leading the new development of the digital economy. trend. At the end of his speech, Mr. Benjamin Davis once again thanked all the Web3 evangelists from all over the world who participated in the conference, and also congratulated the convening of this summit.


Subsequently, L2FINANCE training consultant Leo shared a keynote speech on “Interpreting Future Wealth Trends”, and analyzed the current future wealth trends in a simple and forward-looking manner.

Immediately afterwards, L2FINANCE training consultant Jasmine shared a keynote speech on “The Value and Future of the Ethereum Layer 2 Network”. He said that Layer 2, as an emerging industry track, not only brought an innovative development path, but also brought us a brand new opportunity market.

Later, L2FINANCE financial planner MAX shared the topic of “L2FINANCE Business Logic and Mechanism Charm”. L2FINANCE is the first one-stop service platform for the financial derivatives market based on Layer2 technology deployed on the Arbitrum chain. It focuses on six derivatives on the chain, including synthetic assets, options, prediction markets, perpetual contracts, insurance and interest rates.

Subsequently, the blockchain architect shared the keynote speech of “L2FINANCE Starlink Project”. The innovative development path and rich incentive mechanism of the Starlink project attracted the attention of all the participants present. It is believed that with the official launch of the Starlink project, the L2FINANCE financial ecology will allow more long-tail investors to participate in the dividends of the development of the derivatives market on the chain.

The last important part of this summit – the launching ceremony, was jointly opened by L2FINANCE CMO Benjamin Davis, Mr. Zuo from Longteng Community, Mr. Li from Ganrong Community, Mr. Tian from Lianhe Community, Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhai from Qidian Community. With the countdown by the host and the warm applause from the audience, L2FINANCE is officially launched! The L2FINANCE ecology also hit another milestone moment!

In the evening, with the wonderful congratulatory speech from the host, the L2FINANCE Thailand Consensus Night officially kicked off.


At the beginning of the dinner, there was a local Thai ladyboy show.


What followed was the toast session, where Mr. Benjamin Davis, CMO of L2FINANCE, delivered a toast. Benjamin Davis extended a warm welcome to everyone.

The most exciting part of this dinner was the surprise lucky draw. A total of five lucky people won an iPhone 14.


One night in Thailand, L2FINANCE Thailand Consensus Night drew a perfect end to this consensus feast.


This consensus party was evaluated by many guests as the best party in the Web3 series of activities. In addition to the excellent food, the spirit of consensus that L2FINANCE wants to convey through this dinner is the most unforgettable for everyone.

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